To the Discover of Erowz

A Walloon search engine partner of the biggest names in the Internet like Amazon or eBay? This search engine exists, it is called Erowz. Anyway, in five years, this startup based in Enghien has seduced tens of millions of Internet users. In any case, let’s discover a little more about Erowz.

What should you know about Erowz ?

7 million unique visitors use its search engine every month to buy a second-hand computer, scooter, furniture or even a used car. However, eRowz is not exactly a classifieds site, because it does not directly collect classifieds, it aggregates classifieds sites. For more information, look at here.

It centralizes all their ads in a database. The user accesses it through a website developed by eRowz, in France for example or in Belgium. Its algorithm will then sort all these ads according to the requests of the Internet user.

Did you know that she is a partner of Ebay and Amazon ?

The classified ads aggregated by eRowz come from sites like Amazon or eBay. The small startup from Enghien is one of the top 5 most important partners of these web multinationals! And they are the ones who pay Erowz. For example, if you buy a used PlayStation on Amazon thanks to eRowz's search engine; Amazon will pay a commission to eRowz.

Some Other Information About Erowz

Erowz was created in 2011 and will be active in about 40 countries by the end of the year. Its turnover should exceed 2 million euros, it will have been multiplied by four in 4 years, knowing that the company is profitable since its creation.

It employs 17 people in Enghien but does not intend to stop there, new recruitment is planned. All in all, Erowz is a great search engine, partner of Ebay and Amazon.