Three major advantages of the Linux operating system

Linux is an operating system like Windows, used in many areas of computing, in industry, in business and also in personal projects. What are the advantages of this operating system? Follow in this article three advantages of the Linux operating system.

Linux, an open source operating system

This is a special feature of the Linux system. To find out more about Linux, continue reading. The Linux operating system is an open source system. The source code of Linux is therefore freely accessible and exploitable by developers who want to adapt it to their needs. This is one of the reasons why there are so many Linux distributions. Linux is a free operating system. This free operating system will benefit companies using industrial PCs running Linux in terms of savings.

Stability and performance

Linux has a strong reputation for being a stable system, especially in the industrial world. It is a system that is resistant to environmental stresses. Malfunctions in production systems are very often due to problems in the computer systems. With the Linux operating system, the risk of having these kinds of problems is considerably reduced or even cancelled, because this operating system offers any developer the possibility of customising it in order to remove useless and cumbersome software that can hinder the proper functioning of the system. This makes the system more efficient. Another thing that explains the performance of Linux operating systems is the optimal allocation of memory space that it provides. Only the necessary services are installed as required.


The Linux operating system is widely recognised for its security. This security is linked to the architecture on which the system kernel is based. The strength of the security of this operating system is revealed by the system's management of user rights and their structures. In addition, it should also be noted that the community of developers of Linux distributions is always available and active to respond as soon as possible to any possible problem regarding the security of the system.