Reports Observed Show there Is Racial Bias in the Distribution of Covid-19 Vaccines

The vaccination program has gulped in a lot of money from the nation’s treasury. This pattern will likely continue with the legislation of the Covid-19 stimulus package in view. However, the problem of racial discrimination seems to be the order of the day in the vaccination of the American populace. This is especially in southern parts of the country like Florida.

How Ethnic Minorities Are Sidelined in the Vaccination Program

A news source having critically observed the vaccination program in Florida has discovered something very shocking. This is the fact that ethnic minority groups in the state are being sidelined in the vaccination program.

The Joe Biden administration and key political and health stakeholders have done a great job coming up with a detailed plan for the entire country. However, the place of racial segregation seems to be frustrating the intent of the administration.

For instance, reports gathered in Florida observed that most of the vaccines allotted to the black and Asian communities that make up around 40 percent of the population are being shared among the white communities.

As explained by an activist “this is a very sad narrative. It is sad in the sense that long after the many attempts to prove that Black and all lives matter, the conduct of the vaccination program is indirectly saying some groups of individuals are more valued than others”.

A Narrative that Transcends the United States

In all fairness, this ethnically biased act is not only the narrative in parts of the United States. Places like Israel have been under pressure from the international community to stop acting likewise.

This is considering how the Israeli vaccination program that has been highly appraised has sidelined many of the Arab minorities in the country. To further complicate things, the Israeli prime minister recently held meetings with international personnel like the Danish Prime minister and the Austrian Chancellor. In these meetings, the possibility of the Israeli government giving out surplus rollouts of their vaccines to these nations and helping out in other ways was discussed.

However, many international key players are rebuking this decision and calling on the Israeli government to take care of its minorities before embarking on such.

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