How to cultivate your intelligence?

Intelligence is a faculty of the brain that allows us to solve any kind of problem or to cope with any situation. It is a faculty that can be increased over time with many exercises. The more we work on our gray matter, the more it is able to respond to even more difficult situations. Here are some ways to cultivate your intelligence.

Profit from time spent on the internet

We are all connected to the internet today via a smartphone or other compatible device. The internet is an artificial intelligence platform that manages large amounts of data in a timely manner. To be smarter, you just need to read a lot of articles on the internet about useful and diverse topics. If you want to check out a useful informative site click on : redirected here Short of reading, many free online courses that can also be accessed by payment are available on the web. Vocabulary building tools are also available there as well as the ability to take useful reading. This is the best tip to apply rather than wasting hours consulting uninformative social networks.

Consolidate your learning

There is no point in reading a ton of documents, taking online trainings without retaining anything. The best technique to consolidate what you have learned would therefore be to write down everything you have learned in a notepad or notebook. The memory has the ability to retain very quickly everything that has been written by the individual himself. In addition, you should also think about making a list of things or notions you have already learned. This allows you to be better organized and to regularly remember what you have learned. Other useful tips in this area would be to surround yourself with friends who are also intelligent, to participate in board games, to explain what you have learned to other people and to try to do new things at random. In this way, little by little, intelligence grows positively.