Health Analysts Say Governor’s Decision to “Open Texas” will Have Devastating Consequences

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the southern state of Texas in a very difficult position. The historic and oil-rich American state has seen a lot of untold hardship take tolls on the people. In a bid to improve the economic situation of the state, the governor of Texas recently decided that it is time to reopen Texas 100 percent for operation.

What does this Mean?

The decision by the governor means that the state will operate with all the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions completely relaxed. Also, all business operations, both essential and non-essential services will run without any COVID-19 structured regulations.

The decision to do this is likely born out of the terrible economic position of the state as they have lost a lot because of the pandemic. Additionally, the recent winter storm that plagued the state also made things worse.

But despite all of this, the decision by the governor has been labeled as one that will bring devastating consequences. As a result, many health experts and families of victims of the COVID-19 pandemic are calling the governor to take back his words.

One of the bereaved relatives of someone who lost his life in ICU because of the virus was very alarmed by the governor’s decision. She said that “it is hard to think that someone who understands the severity of our health situation in the state and nation at large will take this approach. Perhaps, maybe not personally losing a loved one does not send the message loud and clear…”.

This Puts Texans in a Difficult Position After all

A businessman explained that “the decision to open the state 100 percent is born out of the need to move on from the mess this pandemic has caused fiscally. However, the process is abrupt and premature. It would be better if easing the lockdown restriction and opening the state for economic activities happens gradually”.

The truth is that Texas may end up in a difficult position by taking this measure. This is because other neighboring states will have reservations allowing residents of Texas into their territory.

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