United States Government Goes Diplomatically Selfish by Invoking the Act of Defense Production

It is indeed a critical time for almost every part of the world. This is especially given how national governments are having a hard time implementing a vaccination program to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Only a few nations like Israel have been able to get ahead of the situation.

The Global State of Covid-19 Vaccination

All over the world, there have been many twists and turns as regards the vaccination of citizens. For instance, even developed nations in Europe and the European Union at large have been heavily criticized for their lack of adequate planning for the vaccination program.

As a result, many people (especially adults who are highly susceptible to the virus) have not been vaccinated.

On that note, many of the lagging nations are seeking help from quarters that are seemingly doing well with their vaccination program. For instance, the Danish prime minister and the Austrian Chancellor recently met with the Israeli Prime minister. The core reason for the meeting was to discuss how the widely praised Israeli government can assist by allowing surplus rollout of vaccines into the countries.

In the same vein, a section of the European Union member states is seriously considering engaging the services of Johnson and Johnson pharmaceuticals (just as the United States has done), as well as getting help from Russia.

How Is the United States Becoming Diplomatically Selfish?

For ages, the United States has been acting as an aid-providing sovereign nation to many developing countries and the world at large. This has given it a massive influence in the United Nations and many other International Organizations such as the Paris Club.

But given the severity of the global health crisis and how the United States has not been spared, the Biden administration is planning to go diplomatically selfish in some ways.

One of such will see an embargo placed on the export of sensitive materials required for the production of Covid-19 vaccines. The reason for this is that the two major pharmaceutical industries in the country have had a hard time meeting the demands of production.

The primary reason is the shortage of raw materials needed to produce these vaccines. By evoking the Act of Production Defense, the Joe Biden administration seeks to reduce or stop the export of essential raw materials.

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